The following standards and requirements are established as a minimum for the sanitary accumulation and storage of refuse and garbage pending collection:
   A.   All refuse and garbage shall be placed in city owned containers, or containers approved by the director of public works.
   B.   Residential refuse and garbage generators equipped with city owned rollout containers shall place refuse and garbage containers on the scheduled collection days at the curb line in front of their residences. Containers shall not be placed for collection before six o'clock (6:00) P.M. on the day preceding the day of collection, and after the containers are emptied they shall be removed from the curb line on the day of collection.
   C.   City owned containers shall be distributed and positioned as approved by the director of public works. Containers serving more than one residence shall be positioned along the rear or side alley in a manner to facilitate efficient collection and accessibility for refuse and garbage generators and city refuse and garbage collectors, as determined by the director of public works. (Ord. 2339, 4-2-1984)