The following standards and requirements are established as a minimum for the sanitary collection of refuse and garbage:
   A.   Every owner or occupant whose container, or the place where the containers are kept pending collection, not meeting the requirements aforesaid, shall be duly notified by mail or by personal contact by the public works director.
   B.   Upon notifying the owner or occupant of the aforesaid violation, the investigating representative shall establish an improvement deadline and shall give the owner or occupant at least seven (7) days' written notice of the improvement deadline.
The director of public works, at the time established for correction, shall investigate, and if the condition has been found to continue, said director shall declare it to be a misdemeanor.
   C.   If the director of public works receives notice in writing from the owner that a structure has been permanently abandoned; or if the director of public works receives notice in writing from the city director of building and safety or a Lewis and Clark County health officer that a structure has been condemned as not habitable, or unsanitary and dangerous to human life, refuse and garbage service may be discontinued and monthly charges stopped. (Ord. 2339, 4-2-1984)