General Provisions
   54.01   Scope and purpose
   54.02     Fluoridation of city water
   54.03     Customers to furnish valves; charge for turning off water
   54.04     Water meters to be provided by city
   54.05     Damaging, destroying waterworks facilities prohibited
   54.06     Disclaimer of liability
Water Shortage and Planned Interruptions
   54.15     Declaration of a water shortage
   54.16     Voluntary conservation measures
   54.17     Mandatory conservation measures
   54.18     Planned service interruptions
Rates and Charges; Billing
   54.25     Application for service; connection charge fee based on meter size for metered service
   54.26     Water deposit
   54.27     Service charge for relocation
   54.28     Rates for customers
   54.29    Fire hydrant charge
   54.30     Separate bills for multiple meters
   54.31     Multi-unit master meters
   54.32     Termination fee
   54.33     Reconnection fees
   54.34     Fire Departments
   54.99   Penalty