Watercraft and Waterways
381.01   Definitions.
381.02   Operation of vessels.
381.03   Administrative rules and regulations.
381.04   Flashing lights prohibited.
381.05   Siren prohibited except for emergency.
381.06   Child operators prohibited.
381.07   Reckless operation.
381.08   Marking of restricted areas; no wake areas.
381.09   Prohibitions on mooring, anchoring and tying up.
381.10   Operator to stop and furnish information upon accident or collision.
381.11   Operating under influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited; test analysis.
381.111   Implied consent.
381.12   Incapacitated operators prohibited.
381.13   Failure to comply with law enforcement order; fleeing.
381.131   Duty upon approach of law enforcement vessel.
381.14   Water skiing confined to ski zones.
381.15   Observer required when towing skier.
381.16   Water skiing after dark prohibited.
381.17   Personal flotation device required for skiers.
381.18   Ski jumps prohibited.
381.19   Permission for conducting special water events.
381.20   Sale of single celled inflatable vessel prohibited.
381.21   Sitting, standing or walking on moving vessel restricted.
381.22   Engine warm-up required.
381.23   Children under ten to wear personal flotation device.
381.24   Operation without personal flotation device prohibited.
381.241   Distress signal or flag required.
381.25   Anchor required; exception.
381.26   Fire extinguishers required on powercraft.
381.27   Backfire arrestor required.
381.28   Ventilation required on powercraft.
381.29   Storage of vessel or motor left on private property.
381.291   Storage of vessel or motor left in sunken, beached, drifting or docked condition.
381.292   Disposal of unclaimed vessel or motor.
381.293   Disposal of abandoned vessel or motor.
381.294   Abandonment of vessel or motor without notice prohibited.
381.30   Exhaust muffler required.
381.31   Vessel dwelling unlawful if a nuisance; exception.
381.32   Sink, toilet or sanitary system restrictions.
381.33   Rental of improperly equipped vessel prohibited.
381.34   Capacity plate required; manufacturer defined.
381.35   Exceeding capacity plate figures; absence of plate.
381.36   Tampering with navigation aid or vessel prohibited.
381.37   Littering prohibited.
381.38   Failure to secure dangerous ordnance; signaling devices.
381.99   Penalty.
         Watercraft and navigation - see Ohio R.C. Ch.1547
         Prohibited swimming places - see GEN. OFF. 521.10