(a)   No person shall, after January 1, 1977, manufacture, sell or offer for sale any vessel propelled by machinery as its principal source of power, or vessel designed to be manually propelled, less than twenty feet in length and designed to carry two or more persons, manufactured after that date, unless a capacity plate containing the correct information, as prescribed by regulations adopted by the United States Coast Guard, is firmly attached to the vessel, in such location that the capacity plate is clearly legible from the position designed or intended to be occupied by the operator when underway.
   (b)   No person shall operate a vessel for which a capacity plate is required under this section unless the capacity plate is attached.
   (c)   No person shall alter, remove or deface any information contained on the capacity plate unless the manufacturer has altered the vessel in such a way that would require a change in the information contained on the capacity plate.
   (d)   As used in this section, "manufacture" means to construct or assemble a vessel, or to alter a vessel in such a manner as to affect or change its weight capacity or occupant capacity.
(Ord. 91-9-119. Passed 9-25-91.)