§ 116.07  Application for registration.
   (A)   An application for registration under §§ 116.05 to 116.10, inclusive, shall be made on forms prepared by the director of health and filed with the director of health. All applications shall contain the name, residence, place of business of this applicant and the average daily number of quarts of raw milk and the average daily number of quarts of pasteurized milk sold by the applicant.
   (B)   The director of health after an inspection of the premises shall grant or renew a certificate without charge to an applicant qualifying under and complying with all provisions of §§ 116.05 to 116.10, inclusive.
   (C)   The registration period shall be from January 1 to December 31, inclusive, and certificates are to be renewed each January 1
   (D)   Certificates issued hereunder shall not be assignable.
   (E)   The director of health may refuse to grant or renew a certificate or may suspend or revoke a certificate, after the director of health has determined that the registrant has either failed to maintain a sanitary establishment or to comply with any provision of §§ 116.05 to 116.10, inclusive, or has made a false statement in his application.
   (F)   Before refusing to grant or renew or before suspending or revoking a certificate, the director of health shall afford the applicant or registrant an opportunity to be heard before the director of health. A notice shall be directed to such applicant or registrant by registered mail to his last known address, giving at least 3 days' notice of the hearing and a statement of the matter complained of.
('66 Code, § 40-4)