6-101: Organization of municipal court.
6-102: Definitions.
6-103: Jurisdiction of court.
6-104: Judge; qualifications.
6-105: Term of judge.
6-106: Alternate judge.
6-107: Acting judge.
6-108: Appointment of judge and alternate judge.
6-109: Salary and payments to judges.
6-110: Removal of judge.
6-111: Vacancy in office of judge.
6-112: Disqualification of judge.
6-113: Court marshal.
6-114: Clerk of the court; duties.
6-115: Prosecuting attorney, duties; conflict of interest.
6-116: Bond of clerk.
6-117: Rules of court.
6-118: Enforcement of rules.
6-119: Written complaints to prosecute ordinance violations.
6-120: Ordinance violations; procedures for issuing citation; custody, arrest, bail.
6-121: Creation of traffic violations bureau.
6-122: Summons for arrest.
6-123: Form of arrest warrant.
6-124: Procedures for bail or bond.
6-125: Deposit of driver's license as bail for traffic violations.
6-126: Arraignment and pleadings by defendant.
6-127: Trials and judgments.
6-128: Trial by jury and waiver.
6-129: Jurors and jury trial procedures.
6-130: Witness fees.
6-131: Compensation of jurors.
6-132: Suspension of sentence.
6-133: Imprisonment, work by prisoners.
6-134: Fines and costs; nonpayment, installments, imprisonment.
6-135: Conduct of sessions of court; notice.
6-136: Penalty assessments.