139.01   DIRECTOR.
   (a)   The Department of Finance shall be administered by the Director of Finance under the immediate supervision of the Administrative Assistant.
   (b)   The Director shall be in charge of the Department of Finance, and shall have and exercise all the powers and duties provided for such Director by the Charter and general State laws.
(Ord. C30-60.)
   (c)   The Director shall sign all purchase orders, warrants, vouchers and checks for the payment of money. The Director shall be the finance officer of the City. He shall be responsible for the proper conduct, duties and work of the Department of Finance.
(Ord. C43-76. PASSED 5-3-76.)
   (d)   The Department shall be charged with such further duties as Council may by ordinance or resolution from time to time impose.
   (e)   At the expiration of his term of office or upon his resignation or removal, the Director shall deliver to his successor all moneys, books, papers and other property in his possession as such Director. In case of death or incapacity of such Director his legal representative shall in like manner pay over and deliver such money and property in the distribution or all under his control to the person entitled thereto.
(Ord. C30-60.)