(a)   No person shall maintain or operate a junk shop or junk yard without first having obtained a license therefor. Application for such license shall be made to the Director of Finance upon such blanks as shall be prescribed. In making the application, the applicant shall state his name, whether a person, firm or corporation, the place at which such business is conducted or maintained and further information as may be required by the Clerk of Council.
(Ord. 4-59. Passed 5-18-59.)
   (b)   With the application for the license, the applicant shall pay an annual license fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) beginning on January 1 of each year and ending on December 31 of the same year; the fee for a portion or fraction of a year shall be prorated. A license fee shall be required for each place for which an applicant maintains a junk yard or junk shop.
(Ord. C48-63.)