6.04.050  Kennel license--Required.
   A.   Every person who owns or controls a kennel or place where more than four dogs are kept for breeding purposes, training, sale or any other purpose shall obtain a kennel license. When obtained, the license shall cover all dogs under control of the licensee. This license shall be obtained every year during the month of July or within thirty days after the kennel goes into operation.
   B.   No kennel license shall be issued until the poundmaster or his authorized representative has first issued a certificate that the kennel is operated in a sanitary and proper manner so as not to constitute a nuisance to the neighborhood. This certificate shall be presented to the director of finance with an application for the kennel license.
(Ord. 809 § 1 (part), 2014; Ord. 680, 1999; Ord. 393 (part), 1982)