6.04.010  Registration and license--Required.
   A.   Except as provided in this chapter, every dog owner shall see that his dog or dogs are properly licensed at all times by the securing of a license for the dog or dogs from the director of finance not less than once every year. The license shall expire on the thirtieth day of June of every year following the obtaining of the license and shall be renewed thereafter before the first day of August.
   B.   Every dog owner, after his dog attains the age of four months, shall register such dog with the director of finance before July 1st of each year.
   C.   Any dog owner who becomes a resident of the incorporated area of the city subsequent to any July 1st shall register his dog within thirty days after moving into the incorporated area. 
(Ord. 680, 1999; Ord. 494 (part), 1986; Ord. 393 (part), 1982)