6.04.020  Registration and license--Fees.
   A.   A fee shall be charged for each dog that is registered and for each registration renewal.
   B.   The fee shall be less for each dog that is castrated, spayed or otherwise sexually altered to prevent reproduction. A certificate from a licensed veterinarian may be required before registering an altered dog.
   C.   The amount of annual license fees shall also be prorated to the nearest quarter of a year.
   D.   A penalty shall be charged and collected for each late registration or late renewal. Dog owners shall not be considered in default until the first day of August each and every year, but the license fee shall become due and owing on July 1st of each and every year.
   E.   The amount of the fees described in this section shall be established and amended by resolution of City Council.
(Ord. 680, 1999)