General Provisions
   52.001   Definitions
   52.002   Sewer connection permit
   52.003   Compliance required before issuance of permit
   52.004   Discharge of water into sanitary sewer
   52.005   Prohibited wastewater discharges
   52.006   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   52.007   Preliminary treatment of wastes
   52.008   Maintenance of preliminary treatment facilities
   52.009   Control manhole
   52.010   Measurements, tests and analyses
   52.011   Acceptance of unusually strong waste
   52.012   Tampering with equipment
   52.013   Right of entry
   52.014   Written notice for violation
   52.015   Discharges into storm sewer
Use of Public Sewers
   52.030   Illegal deposits
   52.031   Illegal discharges
   52.032   Construction or maintenance of privies, privy vaults and the like
   52.033   Installation of suitable toilet facilities
   52.034   Discharge of storm water and other unpolluted drainage
Private Sewage Disposal
   52.045   Connection to private sewage disposal system
   52.046   Permit for construction
   52.047   Inspection of work
   52.048   Work to comply with state standards
   52.049   Connection to system; cleaning
   52.050   Operation and maintenance of facilities
   52.051   Additional requirements
Building Sewers and Connections
   52.065   Permit for connections
   52.066   Unlawful discharges
   52.067   Building sewer permits
   52.068   Prerequisite for issuance of permit
   52.069   Costs borne by owner
   52.070   Independent building sewers
   52.071   Use of old building sewers
   52.072   Conformance with building and plumbing codes, other regulations
   52.073   Elevation of building sewer
   52.074   Connection of roof downspouts, exterior foundation drains and the like
   52.075   Conformance of connections to public sewer
   52.076   Notification for inspection
   52.077   Barricades and lights
Wastewater Service Charges
   52.090   Basis for wastewater service charges
   52.091   Measurement of flow
   52.092   Surcharge rate
   52.093   Computation of surcharges
   52.094   Computation of wastewater service charge
   52.095   Billing
   52.096   Delinquent bills
   52.097   Lien notice of delinquency
   52.098   Foreclosure of lien
   52.099   Revenues
   52.100   Accounts
   52.101   Notice of rates
   52.102   Access to records
   52.999   Penalty