Utilities Generally
EDITOR'S NOTE: Ordinance 87-092, passed May 19, 1987, authorized the Village to enter into mutual aid agreements with various municipalities in order to provide mutual assistance in the interchange and use of personnel and equipment of the various municipal utilities systems in cases of emergency. Copies of such ordinance and agreements may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
1040.01   Payment of utility bills upon transfer of real estate.
1040.02   Transfer of real estate; responsibility of transferors.
1040.03   Deposits required on rental dwellings for sewer, water, and electric service.
1040.04   Mutual aid contracts.
1040.05   Assessment of late fees and interest.
1040.06   Provision of utility services by Village; exception.
1040.07   Payment of unpaid utility bills by owner of rental dwelling.
1040.99   Penalty.
Municipal water supply - see Ohio R.C. 715.08, 743.01 et seq.
Right of eminent domain - see Ohio R.C. 719.01 et seq., 743.37 et seq.
Municipal sewerage - see Ohio R.C. 729.31 et seq.
Prosecutions for theft of utilities - see GEN. OFF. 642.26
Free service for Municipal Library - see S.U. & P.S. 1068.01
Utility easements - see P. & Z. 1214.06(a)
Occupancy permit required for utility services - see B. & H. 1440.06
Utilities in flood hazard areas - see B. & H. 1460.15(c)