(a)   Upon the sale or transfer of any improved or unimproved property in the Village, which property is supplied with utility services by the Village, the seller shall supply the escrow agent of the transaction with a current statement of utility charges against the property, with instructions to the agent to pay all outstanding utility charges or, in the alternative, to obtain from the purchaser of the real estate a written agreement binding the purchaser to pay the outstanding utility charges.
   (b)   Any bank, savings and loan association, title company, attorney at law or other person acting in the capacity of escrow agent for the transfer of real estate in the Village shall obtain, from the seller of the property, the documentation set forth in division (a) of this section before allowing the transaction to be completed and filed. No such agent shall fail to comply with this section.
   (c)   It is specifically provided herein that a violation of this section shall not bar a purchaser of real estate from instituting action against the seller, the real estate broker or the escrow agent for amounts of money paid by the buyer to the Village for utility service.
(Ord. 79-968.  Passed 4-17-79.)