1214.06   EASEMENTS.
   (a)   Utilities. Easements for placement of utilities shall be provided as follows:
      (1)   On each side of all rear lot lines and along certain side lot lines where necessary with a right-of-way width of five feet; or
      (2)   Adjacent to all public streets on private property with an easement width of ten feet; or
      (3)   As determined necessary by the Planning Commission or Council.
   (b)   Drainage.  Where a subdivision is traversed by a watercourse, drainageway, channel or stream, there shall be provided a storm water easement or drainage right-of-way conforming substantially with the lines of such watercourse and such further width or construction, or both, as will be adequate for the purpose.
(Ord. 650.  Passed 3-19-63; Ord. 04-008.  Passed 4-6-04.)
   EDITOR’S NOTE:  This chapter has been renumbered due to the adoption of a new Village Zoning Code on July 17, 2001. This was formerly Chapter 1250.