(a)   The Mayor is hereby authorized and directed to enter into mutual aid contracts with various municipal systems in the State for emergency repair service and for emergency equipment, personnel and supplies, and to approve invoices for the same.
   (b)   Such mutual aid agreements shall contain, inter alia, the following terms:
      (1)   In the event of an emergency, each party may request, in writing, aid from the other in the form of additional manpower and/or equipment.
      (2)   Each such request for aid shall specify, to the extent practical, the assistance required and an estimate of the length of time such assistance may be needed.
      (3)   Each responding community need only respond to the extent consistent with the proper operation of its own system.
      (4)   The community rendering aid should be reimbursed by the community requesting such aid, as follows:
         A.   A charge for labor and equipment at two times the actual cost for the total number of man hours expended rendering aid (including travel time) by employees of the aiding community;
         B.   A materials and supplies charge equal to the actual cost of materials and supplies expended rendering such aid, including expenses incurred in traveling to and from the site of such aid; and
         C.   The actual cost of the loss or damage to the equipment of the aiding community, not recovered from insurance.
      (5)   Payment for such aid, determined in accordance with paragraph (b)(4) hereof, shall be rendered upon presentation of an invoice detailing the same, or within thirty days.
      (6)   Personnel of the aiding community shall be considered acting within the scope of their employment, to the same extent as if they were performing their regular duties, while engaged in such aid.
      (7)   Under no circumstances shall the responding party or its employees so responding be liable to the requesting party, its inhabitants or others for any damages arising in any way as a result of the rendering of such aid or the failure to respond to a call for such aid.
      (8)   Under no circumstances shall the party requesting such aid be liable to the party responding, its inhabitants or others for any damages arising in any way from the response to such a request for aid or the rendering thereof, except as outlined in paragraph (b)(4)C. hereof.
      (9)   Each contract shall be in effect for one year, with a provision for automatic renewal unless cancelled by a thirty-day notice.
(Ord. 87-092.  Passed 5-19-87.)