Every piece of land in Garrett County upon which the owner shall dig, bore or sink a well for the purpose of procuring water for domestic use shall be subject to a lien for the payment of all debts, contracts for work done or materials furnished for or about the same in the same manner and to the same extent that buildings are subject to mechanic’s lien under Code of Public General Laws of Maryland, Article 63, and the provisions of Article 63 shall apply, so far as they are applicable, to the claiming, filing and enforcing of liens under this section. All liens filed or claimed under this section shall, so far as may be applicable, conform to the provisions of Public General Laws of Maryland, Article 63.
(1986 Code, § 119-1)  (P.L.L., 1930, Art. 12, § 525; 1957 Code, § 532; 1894, Ch. 608)