150.01   Purpose
   150.02   Compliance required
   150.03   Registration of contractors
   150.04   Permit required
   150.05   Application
   150.06   Building Official/Inspector, Electrical Inspector and Plumbing Inspector
   150.07   Adoption of technical codes
   150.08   Requirements exceeding standards of the National Electrical Code
   150.09   Requirements changing portions of the International Building and Residential Codes
   150.10   Smoke detector regulations
   150.11   Builder to notify Inspector of readiness for inspection
   150.12   Permit fees
   150.13   Performing plumbing and roofing work without license and registration
   150.14   Permit required
   150.15   Appeals from decisions of Building Inspector
   150.16   Erection, construction of dangerous buildings, structures prohibited
   150.17   Fire limits
   150.18   Nuisance conditions
   150.19   Structures in flood plain areas
   150.20   Buildings, structures and property to be maintained
   150.21   Pool barriers required
   150.22   Maintenance and repair
   150.23   Building numbers required
Residential Housing
   150.25   Housing - Residential Rental Housing Inspection Code
   150.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to prescribe the strength and manner of constructing buildings, structures and accessories, see ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 11-30-4