(A)   It will be the duty of the builder to notify the Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, and the Electrical Inspector as to the proper time to inspect the building. The proper time will be on the completion of footing, framing, plumbing and electrical installations. No work shall be covered up until an inspection has been completed.  Upon completion of the final inspection, a certificate of compliance will be signed and given to the owner, and occupancy and use shall not be allowed until this certificate is issued. Occupancy or use without receipt of the certificate shall constitute a violation of this chapter and each day's continued occupancy or use without receipt of said certificate shall constitute a separate offense.
   (B)   The public utility providing electrical service shall not permit electrical service to be supplied to the building in which the electrical work has been undertaken until the Electrical Inspector has supplied a certificate of completion with respect to said work.
('69 Code, § 5-7)  (Ord. O-82-7, passed 5-10-82; Am. Ord. O-04-30, passed 12-13-04; Am. Ord. O-05-02, passed 2-28-05)