(A)   Fees.  Amending Section 108 of the International Building Code and Section R108 of the International Residential Code.  Building permit and associated fees shall be assessed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the fee schedule adopted by this jurisdiction.
      (1)   Permit fees. The fee for each permit shall be as set forth in § 150.12. The determination of value or valuation under any of the provisions of this code shall be made by the Building Official. The value to be used in computing the building permit fee shall be the total value of all construction work for which the permit is issued as well as all finish work, painting, roofing, elevators, and other permanent equipment unless such equipment is already covered by another fee collected within this jurisdiction.  When computing the valuation of a project, the Building Official may use the square footage cost estimates provided in the Building Safety Journal published by the International Code Council.
      (2)   Plan review fees. Fees for plan review shall be 25% of the calculated building permit fee for commercial and multi-family construction, to be paid at the time of plans submittal for building permit application.  For projects of a simple design, repetitive nature, or small scale, the Building Official may, at his or her discretion, reduce or waive the plan review fee.  The plan review fee may be refunded on projects that are dropped before work on the plans is begun.
      (3)   Investigation fees: work without a permit.
         (a)   Investigation.  Whenever any work for which a permit is required by this or any other code or ordinance of this jurisdiction has been commenced without first obtaining said permit, a special investigation shall be made before a permit may be issued for such work.
         (b)   Fee. An investigation fee, in addition to the permit fee shall be collected whether or not a permit is then or subsequently issued. The investigation fee shall be equal to the amount of the building permit fee. The Building Official may waive the investigation fee on the first offense only at his or her discretion.  The payment of such investigation fee shall not exempt any person from compliance with all other provisions of this code or any other code or ordinance of this jurisdiction nor from any penalty prescribed by law.
      (4)   Fee refunds.
         (a)   The Building Official may authorize the refunding of any fee paid hereunder which was erroneously paid or collected.
         (b)   The Building Official may authorize the refunding of not more than 80% of the permit fee paid when no work has been done under a permit issued in accordance with this code.
         (c)   The Building Official shall not authorize the refunding of any fee paid except upon written application filed by the original permittee not later than 120 days after the date of fee payment.
   (B)   The installation of a residential fire sprinkler system shall be optional in one- and two-family dwellings.
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