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   (a)   Use regulations. In the “E-P” planned commercial district, no building or land shall be used and no buildings shall be hereafter erected, reconstructed, altered or enlarged unless otherwise provided in this ordinance except for one or more of the following uses:
      (1)   Any uses permitted in the “ER” restricted commercial district;
      (2)   Banks;
      (3)   Bird stores and pet shops;
      (4)   Cigar or tobacco stores;
      (5)   Confectionery stores;
      (6)   Delicatessen shops;
      (7)   Department stores;
      (8)   Drug stores;
      (9)   Dry goods and notions stores;
      (10)   Filling stations;
      (11)   Florist or gift shops;
      (12)   Hardware, paint and wallpaper stores;
      (13)   Household furniture stores limited to the sale of new merchandise;
      (14)   Jewelry stores;
      (15)   Liquor or package stores;
      (16)   Offices;
      (17)   Piano stores, musical instruments and supplies;
      (18)   Radio and television sales and servicing;
      (19)   Restaurants, tearooms, cafeterias or cafés;
      (20)   Tailor, clothing or wearing apparel shops; and
      (21)   Variety stores.
   (b)   Height and area regulations.
      (1)   In “E-P” planned commercial district, the height of buildings and structures, the minimum dimensions of yards, the lot area, off-street parking and plan approvals shall be as follows:
         a.   Height. The maximum permitted height in the “E-P” planned commercial district shall be four stories but not to exceed 45 feet;
         b.   Yards. There shall be a yard of not less than 25 feet between any street or alley or property line of adjacent property in separate ownership, and the main wall of the building;
         c.   Lot area. An “E-P” planned commercial district shall have a minimum land area of not less than 120,000 square feet, which shall be under unified control;
         d.   Off-street parking. Paved parking and maneuvering areas for motor passenger vehicles shall be furnished on the site in a ratio of not less than four square feet of parking and maneuvering area for each one square foot of gross floor area; and
         e.   Approval of plans. A permit for construction, reconstruction, additions to, change of size or layout, or change of height of buildings on an “E-P” district, under unified control, shall not be issued unless and until a complete site plan, showing that the layout shall conform to the above requirements, has been submitted to the city traffic engineer, the plan commission, recommended to the zoning commission, and further recommended by the zoning commission to the city council.
      (2)   In the event of failure to construct the installation in accordance with plans submitted, within a period not to exceed three years from the date of final approval by the city council, the zoning commission shall set a public hearing and after such public hearing may recommend to the city council that the said district “E-P” be reclassified to a more restricted district to be specified by the zoning commission.
(Ord. 20159-04-2012, § 1 (Exh. A), passed 4-3-2012)