General Provisions
   55.001   Purpose and policy
   55.002   Administration
   55.003   Abbreviations
   55.004   Definitions
   55.005   Confidential information
   55.006   Publication of users in significant noncompliance
   55.007   Pretreatment charges and fees
Sanitary Sewer Extensions
   55.015   Policy
   55.016   Application for sewer service extension
   55.017   Preliminary review of application; feasibility
   55.018   Action of City Commissioners
   55.019   Construction of extension; bond required
   55.020   Applicant or surety default
   55.021   Privately funded sewer extensions
Requirements for Proper Sewage Disposal
   55.035   Disposal of human and animal excrements
   55.036   Discharge of sewage or polluted waters
   55.037   Septic tank, cesspool, privy vault and privy construction
   55.038   Requirement of sewer connections
   55.039   Private sewage disposal
   55.040   Storm sewer discharge
Building Sewer Permits and Proper Connections
   55.050   Sewer connections
   55.051   Building sewer permits
   55.052   Cost of sewer connection
   55.053   Users per connection
   55.054   Use of existing sewer connection
   55.055   Design consideration for building sewers
   55.056   Maintenance of building sewers
   55.057   Illegal connections
   55.058   Design considerations for connecting building and public sewers
   55.059   Inspection of building sewers
   55.060   Excavation
Prohibitions and Limitations on Wastewater Discharges
   55.070   Wastes excluded from discharge into the city’s sewerage system
   55.071   Limitation on wastewater discharges
   55.072   Local limits
   55.073   Limitation on bypass
   55.074   Dilution
   55.075   Concentration limits for categorical industries subject to production-based standards
   55.076   Combined waste stream formula
   55.077   Protection from accidental and slug discharges
   55.078   Pretreatment facilities
   55.079   Additional pretreatment measures
   55.080   Hauled wastewater
User Compliance with Waste Discharge Standards
   55.090   Regulatory actions
   55.091   Right of entry
   55.092   Personal injury
   55.093   Protection from accidental discharge
   55.094   Reporting of accidental discharge
Individual Wastewater Discharge Permits
   55.105   Wastewater analysis
   55.106   Individual wastewater discharge permit requirement
   55.107   Individual wastewater discharge permitting; existing connections
   55.108   Individual wastewater discharge permitting; new connections
   55.109   Individual wastewater discharge permit application contents
   55.110   Application signatories and certifications
   55.111   Individual wastewater discharge permit decisions
Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance
   55.125   Individual wastewater discharge permit duration
   55.126   Individual wastewater discharge permit contents
   55.127   Permit issuance process
   55.128   Permit modification
   55.129   Individual wastewater discharge permit transfer
   55.130   Individual wastewater discharge permit revocation
   55.131   Individual wastewater discharge permit reissuance
Reporting Requirements
   55.145   Baseline monitoring reports
   55.146   Compliance schedule progress reports
   55.147   Reports on compliance with categorical pretreatment standard deadline
   55.148   Periodic compliance reports
   55.149   Reports of changed conditions
   55.150   Reports of potential problems
   55.151   Reports from unpermitted users
   55.152   Notice of violation/repeat sampling and reporting
   55.153   Notification of the discharge of hazardous waste
   55.154   Analytical requirements
   55.155   Sample collection
   55.156   Date of receipt of reports
   55.157   Recordkeeping
   55.158   Certification statements
Compliance Monitoring
   55.170   Right of entry; inspection and sampling
   55.171   Search warrants
Administrative Enforcement Remedies
   55.185   Notification of violation
   55.186   Consent orders
   55.187   Show cause hearing
   55.188   Compliance orders
   55.189   Cease and desist orders
   55.190   Administrative fees
   55.191   Emergency suspensions
   55.192   Termination of discharge
   55.193   Supplemental enforcement action
   55.194   Affirmative defenses to discharge violations
Charges and Fees (User Charge System)
   55.205   Purpose of charges and fees
   55.206   Classification of user
   55.207   Types of charges and sewer fees
   55.208   Basis of determination of charges
   55.209   User charges
   55.210   Financial records
   55.211   Annual review of operation and maintenance charges
   55.212   Wastewater characteristics
   55.999   Penalty