33.01   Short title
   33.02   General pay plan
   33.03   Merit raises
   33.04   (Reserved)
   33.05   Exceptions
   33.06   Salary rates based on full-time service and full-time positions
   33.07   Two thousand and eighty hours equal one year of full-time service for part-time and seasonal workers
   33.08   Employees occupying two or more positions
   33.09   Average work week shall consist of 40 hours
   33.10   City Manager shall file report indicating compensation rate paid in areas similarly situated to Forest Park
   33.11   City Manager shall present report regarding vacation pay, sick pay, and fringe benefits
   33.12   Officers and certain employees to receive compensatory time off
   33.13   Employees of city are classified and paid on merit basis
   33.14   Overtime policies and practices shall be established by City Manager
   33.15   (Reserved)
   33.16   Promotion and reclassification
   33.17   Salary decrease