Special Provisions
   17.5.000   Overview of Article 5
Natural Resource Areas
   17.5.005   Intent
   17.5.010   Information requirements
   17.5.015   Exempt uses and conditioned activities
   17.5.020   Prohibitions
   17.5.025   Criteria
   17.5.030   Construction management plans
   17.5.035   Standards
   Table 5-1   Total Disturbance Area Limitation for Single-Family Zone Districts
   Table 5-2   NRA Disturbance Area Limitations for Riparian Areas for All Zones Other than SFR
   Table 5-3   NRA Disturbance Area Limitations for Upland Areas for All Zones Other than SFR
   Table 5-4   Tree Replacement
   17.5.040   Alternative discretionary development standards
   Table 5-5   Ecological Functional Values of Riparian Corridors
   17.5.045   Variances
   17.5.050   Map administration and NRA verification
   Table 5-6   Method for Locating Boundaries of Class I and II Riparian Areas
Tree Protection
   17.5.100   Purpose
   17.5.105   Definitions
   17.5.110   City approval required
   17.5.115   Tree protection plan and protection requirements
   17.5.120   Street trees (trees in public rights-of-way)
   17.5.125   Trees in natural resource areas
   17.5.130   Trees on developable land, prior to and during development
   17.5.135   Trees in approved developments
   17.5.140   Protection of register trees
   17.5.145   Mitigation and penalties
Historic Landmarks
   17.5.200   Purpose
   17.5.205   Historic landmarks board
   17.5.210   Historic or cultural landmark designation
   17.5.220   Procedure for review of proposed work affecting the exterior of landmarks
   17.5.225   Procedure for review of proposed demolition or relocation of landmarks
Manufactured Dwelling Parks
   17.5.300   Purpose
   17.5.305   Procedure
   17.5.310   Permitted uses
   17.5.315   Area, density and height requirements
   17.5.320   Site development standards
   17.5.325   Access and street design
   17.5.330   Parking and loading space
   17.5.335   Manufactured dwelling installation
Solar Access
   17.5.400   Purpose
   17.5.405   Applicability
   17.5.410   Procedure
   17.5.415   Design standard
   17.5.420   Exemptions from design standard
Recreational Vehicle Parks
   17.5.500    Intent
   17.5.505   Procedure
   17.5.510   Locational criteria
   17.5.515   Development standards
Seasonal Shelters
   17.5.600   Intent
   17.5.605   Permitting of seasonal shelters