A.   Parks shall serve :
      1.   As defined by O.A.R. 918-650-0005(13) excluding:
         a.   “Park trailer” as defined by that section; and
         b.   “Recreational ” as defined by O.R.S. 446.003.
      2.   Intended to be used for recreational purposes.
   B.    parks shall comply with:
      1.   O.A.R. 918-530, except:
         a.   As modified by this Code;
         b.   No shall be allowed to be mounted onto any foundation and no skirting is allowed; and
         c.   No , cabanas or ramadas shall be allowed in individual spaces.
      2.   O.A.R. 918-650 except as modified by this Code.
   C.    parks shall be designed consistent with the following standards.
      1.   Parks shall not exceed 18 spaces per gross .
      2.   Each space shall provide:
         a.   Vehicular parking area no less than ten feet in width and 25 feet in length;
         b.   Area for the shall be 55% of the space with a minimum width of 16 feet;
         c.    at a rate of 25% of the space and shall contain at least one shade ;
         d.   Electrical, sewage and water connections for the ; and
         e.   Minimum size of 1,000 square feet.
      3.   The park shall provide:
         a.    landscaped buffers consistent with the following requirements:
            i.   Buffer widths shall be a minimum of five feet in the Community Commercial zone district or Institutional District adjacent to a commercial district. Buffer widths shall be ten feet where adjacent to a residential district;
            ii.   Landscaping in the buffer areas shall consist of native and be equal to or exceed the standards in § 17.8.425. Standards for a C-1 or C-3 buffer, depending on the buffer width, as shown in Tables 8-3 and 8-4 shall apply except as may be modified through the permit process; and
            iii.   Buffer areas shall be left in and shall not include any space, roads (with the of roads providing ingress or to the park), or parking areas.
         b.    for rest room, laundry and shower facilities. Sanitary facilities shall be flush toilets at the rate required by Table 2 in O.A.R. 918-650-0050.  Shower stalls shall be provided at the same rate as for toilets. Laundry facilities shall include both washer and dryer;
         c.   Two-way shall be a minimum of 24 feet in width and one-way drives 20 feet in width. Minimum radius shall be 30 feet;
         d.   All and vehicular parking areas shell be constructed of pervious materials and all areas shall provide grass-crete or similar surface unless modified by the permit;
         e.   Lighting shall not exceed 15 feet in height in or adjacent to residential districts and maximum of 18 feet in other districts and shall be properly shielded to avoid glare off- ;
         f.   Trash areas shall be screened with a sight obscuring ; and
         g.   Any adjacent to a residential district shall be of masonry materials.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2019-05, passed 6-24-2019)