Editor’s Note:
   Ord. 2019-04, effective May 28, 2019, enacted this Title XVII and repealed Ord. 2009-01, which enacted the Development Code of 2009. Ord. 2019-04 states, in part: “The provisions appearing in the ‘Development Code’, so far as they are the same as those ordinances or prior code sections existing at the time of the effective date of this Ordinance, shall be considered as continuations thereof and not as new enactments”. References to Ord. 2009-01 throughout this title have not been replaced by references to Ord 2019-04.
                        1.   INTRODUCTION AND PROCEDURES
                        2.   LAND USE REVIEWS
                        3.   ZONING DISTRICTS
                        4.   OVERLAY DISTRICTS
                        5.   SPECIAL PROVISIONS
                        6.   LAND DIVISIONS
                        7.   MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS
                        8.   GENERAL DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS
                        9.   RESERVED
                        10.   RESERVED
                        11.   RESERVED
                        12.   USE CATEGORIES AND DEFINITIONS