Operation of Motor Vehicles
331.01   Driving or physical control while under the influence.
331.02   Physical control while under the influence.  (Repealed)
331.03   Alcohol evidence; tests; immunity.
331.04   Use of illegal license plates; transfer of registration.
331.041   Registration within thirty days of residency.
331.05   Display of license plates or validation stickers; registration.
331.051   Expired validation stickers and license plates.
331.053   Operating without dealer or manufacturer license plates.
331.06   Resident operating with number issued by foreign state.
331.061   Operating with number of former owner.
331.07   Stopping after accident upon property other than street.
331.08   Stopping after accident involving damage to realty.
331.09   Operation in willful or wanton disregard of safety.
331.10   Reckless operation on streets, public or private property.
331.101   Stopping after accident upon streets; collision with unattended vehicle.
331.11   Operation without reasonable control.
331.12   Driving under suspension or revocation.  (Repealed)
331.121   Driver’s license restrictions.
331.13   Speed limits; assured clear distance ahead.
331.14   Street racing prohibited.
331.15   Stopping vehicle; slow speed; posted minimum speeds.
331.16   Speed regulations over bridges.
331.17   Speed exceptions for emergency and safety vehicles.
331.18   Driving upon right side of  roadway; exceptions.
331.19   Vehicles to pass to right when passing in opposite direction.
331.20   Rules governing overtaking and passing of vehicles.
331.21   Overtaking vehicles; passing to right; lanes.
331.22   Overtaking vehicles left of center.
331.23   Driving to left of center at  intersections, curves.
331.24   Rules for driving in marked lanes.
331.25   Space between moving vehicles.
331.26   Rules for turns at intersections.
331.27   "U" Turns prohibited.
331.28   Restrictions upon turning around in street.
331.29   Starting and backing vehicles.
331.30   Signals before stopping, turning or changing course.
331.31   Hand and arm signals.
331.32   Right of way at intersections.
331.33   Right of way when turning left.
331.34   Right of way at through streets; stop and yield right of way.
331.35   Stop at sidewalk area.
331.36   Driving onto roadway from place other than roadway:  duty to yield.
331.37   Right of way of funeral procession.
331.38   Right of way of public safety or coroner’s vehicle.
331.381   Report of vehicle failing to yield right of way to public safety vehicle.
331.39   Driving through safety zones.
331.40   Driving across grade crossing.
331.41   Stopping at grade crossing.
331.42   Duties of slow-moving vehicle at grade crossing.
331.43   Obstruction and interference affecting view and control of driver.
331.44   Driving upon sidewalks, street lawns or curbs.
331.45   Obstructing passage of other vehicles.
331.46   Driving upon street while in process of construction.
331.47   Following or parking near emergency or safety vehicle.
331.48   Driving over unprotected fire hose.
331.49   Stopping for school bus; discharging children.
331.50   Approaching a stationary public safety, emergency, or road service vehicle.
331.51   Texting while driving prohibited.
331.52   Use of electronic wireless communication device prohibited while driving.
331.53   Vehicular operation on street closed due to rise in water level.
331.54   Wearing earplugs or earphones prohibited.
331.99   Penalty.
      Operation of bicycles, motorcycles, snowmobiles - see TRAF.  Ch.  353
      Consuming intoxicating liquor in motor vehicle - see GEN.  OFF.  529.04