Commercial and Heavy Vehicles
335.01   Oversize or overweight vehicle operation on State routes; State permits.
335.02   Oversize or overweight vehicle operation on local streets.
335.03   Special weight and tire restrictions designated by traffic sign.
335.04   Maximum width, height and length.
335.05   Vehicles transporting explosives; requirements.
335.06   Limitation of load extension on left side.
335.07   Loads dropping, sifting, leaking.
335.08   Shifting load.
335.09   Towing vehicles.
335.10   Wheel protectors.
335.99   Penalty.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Drivers of commercial cars - see TRAF. Ch. 337
      Motorbus and taxicab regulation - see BUS. REG. Chs. 723, 731