Bicycles, Motorcycles and Snowmobiles
353.01   Registration required.  (Repealed)
353.02   Application.  (Repealed)
353.03   Certification of registration and card.  (Repealed)
353.04   Effective date.  (Repealed)
353.05   Mutilation of bicycle identification.  (Repealed)
353.06   Records of registrations.  (Repealed)
353.07   Revocation of registration certificate.  (Repealed)
353.08   Daily report by dealers.  (Repealed)
353.09   Riding upon seats; handle bars; helmets and glasses.  (Repealed)
353.10   Inspection.  (Repealed)
353.11   Appearance in court; impounding.  (Repealed)
353.12   Expiration of impounded period.  (Repealed)
353.13   Interference with pedestrian.
353.14   Operation of bicycles and play vehicles.
353.15   Attaching bicycles and sleds to vehicles.
353.16   Riding bicycle on right side of roadway; riding bicycles and motorcycles abreast.
353.17   Lights and signal device on bicycle; brakes.
353.18   Motorized bicycle operation, equipment and license.
353.19   Electric bicycles.
353.99   Penalty.
      Power to license and regulate the operation of bicycles - see Ohio R.C. 4511.07
      Bicycle defined - see TRAF.  301.08
      Headlight on motorcycle - see TRAF.  333.04