Design review approval shall be required for all new buildings, building additions and alterations, signs, fences, parking lots and any other site improvement except in-kind repairs, demolition, and interior alterations, in the zoning districts or uses listed herein. In-kind repairs are ordinary maintenance or repairs of any property, area, or object, provided such work involves no change in material, design, dimensions, texture, color, or outer appearance. Flat roofs, which cannot be seen from the ground, may be replaced with any approved material of any texture or color without design review approval. Plans shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for all projects, other than one-, two-, and three-family residences, in the R-MHL, R-MHH, B-N, B-D, B-G, B-AO, POD, L-I, H-I, and S-I zoning districts and for all bed and breakfast establishments, cemeteries, educational institutions, group homes (except Class I, Type B), noncommercial recreation, nursing homes and parking facilities and for other than one-, two-, and three- family nonconforming uses in any zoning classification.
(Ord. 2001-4.  Passed 1-16-01; Ord. 2003-167.  Passed 10-6-03.)