1183.01  PURPOSE
   A.   The purpose of the design review process is to promote safe, functional and attractive development of commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential areas; to enhance the character of the City's business centers and thoroughfares as a valid general welfare concern; to unify properties, both visually and physically with surrounding land uses; to facilitate a more healthful urban atmosphere; to protect and preserve the unique and cultural features within the City; and to protect the community's property values by enhancing the City's appearance.
   B.   The design review process shall be a function of Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall review applications, drawings, photographs, material samples, and any other relevant information to promote those qualities in the built environment that bring value to the properties and foster the attractiveness and functional utility of the community as a place to live and work, including a harmonious relationship among structures, landscaping and topography. The Planning Commission may designate City official(s) to act on its behalf to conduct preliminary reviews of all applications and approve projects of a minor nature.
   The Planning Commission or its designated representative’s review shall give consideration to the elements of the application, including, but not limited to:
      1.   Building mass and exterior detail relative to adjacent buildings or site features;
      2.   Materials, texture and color;
      3.   Landscaping, screening, buffering, fencing, and lighting;
      4.   Vehicular and pedestrian access;
      5.   Signage.
   C.   In conducting its inquiry and review, the Planning Commission may request from the applicant such additional information, sketches and data as it shall reasonably require. It may call upon experts and specialists for testimony and opinion regarding matters under examination. It may recommend to the applicant changes in the plans it considers desirable and may accept a voluntary amendment to the application to include or reflect such changes. The Planning Commission shall keep a record of its proceedings and shall attach to the application copies of information, sketches and data needed to clearly describe any amendment to it.
(Ord. 2001-4.  Passed 1-16-01; Ord. 2008-105.  Passed 7-7-08; Ord. 2010-137.  Passed 10-4-10.)