The City shall assume possession and control of any nonproductive property acquired as a part of its land reutilization program through its Office of Community Development.  The City shall hold and administer such property in a governmental capacity for the benefit of itself.  In its administration of such nonproductive property as a part of a land reutilization program, the City shall, through the Office of Community Development:
   (a)   Manage, maintain, and protect, or temporarily use for a public purpose such property in such manner as it deems appropriate;
   (b)   Compile and maintain a written inventory of all such property.  The inventory shall be available for public inspection and distribution at all times;
   (c)   Study, analyze, and evaluate potential, present, and future uses for such property which would provide for the effective reutilization of the nonproductive property;
   (d)   Plan for, and use its best efforts to consummate, the sale or other disposition of such property at such times and upon such terms and conditions as it deems appropriate to the fulfillment of the purposes and objectives of its land reutilization program; and
   (e)   Establish and maintain records and accounts reflecting all transactions, expenditures, and revenues relating to its land reutilization program, including separate itemizations of all transactions, expenditures, and revenues concerning each individual parcel of real property acquired as a part of the land reutilization program.
(Ord. 2009-58.  Passed 2-2-09; Ord. 2009-84.  Passed 3-16-09; Ord. 2009-147.  Passed 6-1-09; Ord. 2009-179.  Passed 8-3-09.)