When the City sells any property acquired as a part of its land reutilization program, the proceeds from such sale shall be applied and distributed in the following order:
   (a)   To the City in reimbursement of its expenses incurred through the acquisition, administration, management, maintenance, rehabilitation and disposition of such property;
   (b)   To the County Treasurer to reimburse the taxing districts to which the County Auditor charged the costs of foreclosure or costs of forfeiture;
   (c)   To the County Treasurer for distribution to the taxing districts charged costs; and
   (d)   The balance, if any, will be retained by the City for application to the payment of costs and expenses of its land reutilization program.
(Ord. 2009-58.  Passed 2-2-09; Ord. 2009-84.  Passed 3-16-09; Ord. 2009-147.  Passed 6-1-09; Ord. 2009-179.  Passed 8-3-09.)