Planning Commission
   EDITOR’S NOTE:  Council, by Resolution R72-55, passed August 22, 1972, has adopted “The Land Use Map” as a guide in planning future development.  Council, by Resolution R72-56, passed August 22, 1972, has approved the Major Thoroughfare Plan as a guide and plan for future major thoroughfare development.  Council, by Resolution R75-97, passed July 16, 1975, amended the Land Use Map to change the area on either side of Washington Avenue, north of Harrison Street, to low density residential.
      This chapter was repealed by Ordinance 98-176, passed August 3, 1998.  See Sections 1127.03 et seq. of the Zoning Code for provisions relating to the Planning Commission.
   Membership - see CHTR. § 13.01
   Chairman and Secretary - see CHTR. § 13.02
   Meetings and organization - see CHTR. § 13.03
   Powers and duties - see CHTR. § 13.04; Ohio R.C. Ch. 711, 713
   Planning Commission to be Platting Commission - see Ohio R.C. 713.03
   Administration and enforcement of subdivision regulations - see P. & Z. 1109.10
   Planning Commission - see P. & Z. 1127.03 et seq.
   Board of Zoning Appeals - see P. & Z. 1127.04 et seq.