The City of Elyria (City) has elected to adopt and implement the procedures set forth in Ohio R.C. Chapter 5722 to facilitate the effective reutilization of nonproductive real property (property) situated within its corporate boundaries.  Such election was made by Ordinance 2004-59 dated 4-19-2004.  The ordinance states the determination and existence of nonproductive property within the City's boundaries as such as to necessitate the implementation of a land reutilization program to foster the return of such nonproductive property to tax revenue generating status or the devotion thereof to public use.  The City has delivered copies of Ordinance 2004-59 to the auditor, treasurer, and the prosecutor of Lorain County.  As of the effective date of Ordinance 2004-59, the foreclosure, sale, management, and disposition of all nonproductive property situated within the City shall be governed by the procedures set forth in Ohio R.C. Chapter 5722.
(Ord. 2009-58.  Passed 2-2-09; Ord. 2009-84.  Passed 3-16-09; Ord. 2009-147.  Passed 6-1-09; Ord. 2009-179.  Passed 8-3-09.)