Land Reutilization Program-Neighborhood Stabilization Program
1107.01   Implementation.
1107.02   Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Committee.
1107.03   Acquisition procedures - tax foreclosures and forfeited property.
1107.04   Acquisition procedures utilizing Neighborhood Stabilization Program Funds to purchase foreclosed upon or abandoned real property(s) excluding sheriff's sale.
1107.05   Acquisition procedures utilizing Neighborhood Stabilization Program Funds sheriff's sales.
1107.06   Duties and administration.
1107.07   Taxing districts.
1107.08   Sale of nonproductive tax-foreclosed properties to the City.
1107.09   Acceptance of forfeited properties (State of Ohio) to the City.
1107.10   Removal of taxes on land conveyed to the City.
1107.11   Sale of property(s).
1107.12   Distribution of proceeds.
1107.13   Tax exemption.
1107.14   Discontinuance of program.
1107.15   Disposition of property.