Officers and Employees Generally
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Compensatory and fringe benefits provisions are no longer codified herein since they are subject to frequent change.  Please consult the Clerk of Council for information pertaining to such legislation currently in effect.
171.01   Appointment of municipal officers.
171.02   Salaries and wages.
171.03   Qualifications; oaths.
171.04   Official bonds; preparation and approval.
171.05   Recording of bonds.
171.06   Amount of bonds.
171.07   Public employees' blanket bond.
171.08   Bond coverage.
171.09   Removal of City officers.
171.10   Armed services defined.
171.11   City employees entering armed services.
171.12   Period of service as credit to status with City.
171.13   Persons appointed to fill vacancies of service personnel.
171.14   Residency requirement: non classified employees.
171.15   Residency requirement: classified employees.
171.16      Credit card policy.
171.17      Social Media/Networking Policy.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Conduct and delinquent charges - see Ohio R.C. 733.34 et seq., 733.72 et seq.
      Contract interest - see Ohio R.C. 733.78, 2918.08, 2919.09 et seq.
      Expenses - see Ohio R.C. 733.79, 737.23
      Leave for military training - see Ohio R.C. 5923.05