(a)   Eligibility.  The Mayor, Safety Service Director or designee (Mayor/designee) shall identify those employees whose day-to-day responsibilities require access to a City credit card.  In addition, the Mayor/designee shall determine the appropriate credit limit for those individuals/cards.
   Before receiving a City credit card, authorized employees must complete an acknowledgement of receipt of this policy.
   (b)   Policy.  The City credit card is issued solely for the purpose of conducting City business and is not to be used for any personal expenses.  Personal and/or unauthorized usage of a City credit card may be immediate grounds for revocation of the credit card and disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  Reimbursement to the City for any outstanding unauthorized charges may be recovered through payroll deduction and such other means as may be necessary.  The use of a City credit card to purchase goods or services does not waive any City purchasing procedures.  Pursuant to the Ohio State Auditor’s Office, employees are prohibited from taking personal advantage of frequent flier miles or credit card points when utilizing a City credit card for City business.
   The City recognizes that the credit card provides convenience to employees in acquiring goods and services for the City.  The City also recognize the risk inherent with credit card usage.  Therefore, whenever a vendor will accept a City purchase order, a purchase order should be used in lieu of the City credit card.
   For individual expenditures, the expense must fall within pre-approved budgets, and an approved expense appropriation request form must be submitted to the Mayor/designee prior to incurring the expense.  Signed receipts must be turned in to the Department Head within two (2) business days.  If an employee is out of town during the expenditure, signed receipts should be turned in within two (2) business days of returning the work.
   Employees must surrender all City credit cards upon their separation of employment from the City or when requested by the Mayor/designee.
   In the event the card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately notify the Mayor/designee as soon as reasonably possible.  The employee is to assist the Mayor/designee in identifying and resolving any charges made to the account.
(Ord. 2, 2016.  Passed 1-19-16.)