Department of Public Service-Safety
141.01   Merger of Departments.
141.02   Director's qualifications appointment and term.
141.03   Director's rules and regulations.
141.04   Sale of City's personal property.
141.05   Department of Refuse  Collection and Disposal.
141.06   Deputy Director of Public Service-Safety.
141.07   Supervisor of Public Service.
141.08   Emergency services user fees.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Contracts - see Ohio R.C. 733.22 et seq., 735.05 et seq. 737.05 et seq.
      General duties and records - see Ohio R.C. 735.02, 737.02 et seq.
      Assistants to Service Director - see Ohio R.C. 735.04
      Public building supervision - see Ohio R.C. 735.10 et seq.
      To appoint and remove auxiliary police officers - see Ohio R.C. 737.051
      Classification of police and fire personnel - see Ohio R.C. 737.10, 737.13
      Management and control of cemeteries - see Ohio R.C. 759.09 et seq.