(a)   The position of Public Service Supervisor is hereby created, and the Mayor is hereby authorized to notify the Civil Service Commission of the need for them to hold a test to fill the position commencing immediately.
   (b)   The Supervisor shall serve the City in the classified service pursuant to Ohio R.C. 124.01 et seq.
   (c)   The Supervisor shall be charged with the efficient management and operation of the Street and Incinerator Departments.  The Supervisor shall take care that the laws of the State and ordinances of the City are faithfully executed with respect to the Street and Incinerator Departments.
   (d)   The Supervisor shall be the Assistant to the Director of Public Service-Safety, but shall have no responsibilities or powers with respect to the Police or Fire Departments.
   (e)   The Supervisor is fully empowered to enforce all provisions of any ordinance that the Superintendent of either the Street or Incinerator Department is empowered to enforce.
(Ord. 44, 1988.  Passed 9-6-88.)