(a)   The City’s Fire and Police Departments shall initiate user fees for the delivery of Fire and Police Department services, personnel, supplies and equipment to the scene of any emergency.  The rate of the user fees shall be that which is the usual, customary and reasonable cost (UCR), which includes any services, personnel, supplies and equipment and may fluctuate based on the needs of the accident or emergency.
   (b)   The user fees shall be initially filed to the motor vehicle or other insurance company, representing an add-on-cost of the claim for damages of the vehicles, property and/or injuries.  The claim costs shall be filed to the insurance company, the owner of a vehicle, owner of property, or other responsible parties.
   (c)   The City Service Safety Director may make rules or regulations, and from time-to- time may amend, revoke or add rules and regulations, not consistent with this section as he may deem necessary or expedient in respect to billing for these fees or the collection thereof.
   (d)   All amounts collected as a result of this section shall be placed into a fund as established by the Auditor to be used exclusively for personnel, supplies and equipment for the Fire and Police Departments.
(Ord. 56, 2005.  Passed 11-7-05.)