Regulation and Penalty
383.01   Definitions.
383.02   Watercraft to carry lights.
383.03   Flashing lights prohibited; exceptions.
383.04   Siren prohibited; exceptions.
383.05   Operating regulations; risk of collision; right of way.
383.06   Supervision of child operators required.
383.07   Reckless operation.
383.08   Operation in restricted areas.
383.09   Mooring prohibited in certain areas.
383.10   Littering prohibited.
383.11   Operating under influence of alcohol, drugs prohibited; evidence.
383.12   Incapacitated operators prohibited.
383.13   Water skiing confined to ski or open zones.
383.14   Observer required when towing  skier.
383.15   Water skiing after dark prohibited without permit.
383.16   No more than two skiers may be towed simultaneously without  permit.
383.17   Life jacket required for skiers; exception.
383.18   Ski jump prohibited without permit.
383.19   Permission required to conduct special water events.
383.20   Sale of single-celled inflatable vessels prohibited.
383.21   Sitting, standing or walking on moving crafts restricted.
383.22   Engine warm-up required for certain commercial watercraft.
383.23   Life jackets required for children on small vessels.
383.24   Specification for flotation devices.
383.25   Distress flag required.
383.26   Anchor requirements.
383.27   Fire extinguisher specifications.
383.28   Backfire arresting device required.
383.29   Ventilation required on powercraft.
383.30   Stopping for or yielding to law enforcement vessel.
383.31   Exhaust muffler required.
383.32   Wash or wake prohibited in certain areas.
383.33   Speed.
383.34   Pollution of harbor waters.
383.35   Renting watercraft to minors prohibited; owner to furnish equipment.
383.36   Numbering of watercraft.
383.37   Failure to comply with order of law enforcement officer;  fleeing.
383.38   Craft used as dwellings unlawful if nuisance created.
383.39   Discharging sanitary systems prohibited; exception.
383.40   Stopping after accident; collision with unattended watercraft.
383.41   Tampering offenses.
383.99   Penalty.
See Sectional histories for similar State law
Power to regulate - see Ohio R.C. 1547.61
Night parking of watercraft in residential areas - see TRAF. 351.10