§ 21-403.   Driveways.
   1.   Location.
      A.   Driveways shall not be located at interchanges, ramp areas or locations that would interfere with the placement and proper functioning of highway signs, signals, detectors, lighting, clear sight triangles and other devices that affect traffic control.
      B.   The Township may require a permittee to locate a driveway directly across from a highway, local road, driveway or access drive on the opposite side of the roadway if it is judged that offset driveways will not permit left turns to be made safely or that access across the roadway from one access to the other will create a safety hazard.
      C.   Driveways shall not connect with a street within 40 feet of the right- of-way lines of any intersecting streets, nor within ten feet of a fire hydrant.
      D. The general layout shall be such that there will be no need for motorists to back into public rights-of-way of collector or arterial streets.
   2.   Sight Distance.
      A.   Sight distance requirements for driveways shall be in accordance with PennDOT regulations, 67 Pa. Code, Chapter 441, "Access to and Occupancy of Highways by Driveways and Local Roads," or successor publication.
      B.   If sight distance requirements as specified in this Part cannot be met, the Township may:
         (1)   Prohibit left turns by exiting vehicles.
         (2)   Restrict turning movements to right turns in and out of a driveway.
         (3)   Require installation of a right turn acceleration lane or deceleration lane.
         (4)   Require installation of a separate left turn standby lane.
         (5)   Alter the horizontal or vertical geometry of the roadway.
         (6)   Deny access to the highway.
   3.   Clear Sight Triangle.
      A.   A clear sight triangle of 75 feet as measured along the street centerline and 15 feet along the driveway centerline commencing at the edge of street cartway must be maintained for all residential driveways.
      B.   Obstructions or planting shall not be greater than 3 feet in height nor extend lower than 7 feet in the clear sight triangle area. Where the clear sight triangle extends outside of a public right-of-way, an easement shall be provided to encompass the entire clear sight triangle.
   4.   PennDOT Permit. Any driveway intersecting with a State-owned road shall require the obtainment of a highway occupancy permit from PennDOT.
   5.   Driveway Minimum Width. Ten feet.
   6.   Curb Cuts/Maximum Width. Where curbing is present, no driveway shall provide a curb cut exceeding 24 feet in width. Otherwise the maximum width of a driveway shall be 24 feet measured at the street right-of-way line.
   7.   Slope, Cut. A driveway shall not exceed a slope of 8% within 25 feet of the street right-of-way line. Where a driveway enters a bank through a cut, unless a retaining wall is used, the shoulders of the cut may not exceed 8% in slope within 25 feet of the point at which the driveway intersects the street right-of-way. The height of the bank may not exceed 3 feet within 10 feet of the street right-of-way line as measured from the centerline of the street.
   8.   Paving Length. All driveways shall be paved at least 25 feet from the street right-of-way line of all public streets.
   9.   Approaches to Driveways. Driveway approaches shall conform to the following standards:
      A.   The location and angle of the driveway approach in relation to the highway intersection shall be such that a vehicle entering or leaving the driveway may do so in an orderly and safe manner and with a minimum interference with highway traffic.
      B.   Where the driveway approach and highway meet, flaring of the approach may be necessary to allow safe, easy turning of vehicular traffic.
      C.   Where the highway is curbed, driveway approaches shall be installed 1 1/2 inches above the adjacent highway or gutter grade to maintain proper drainage.
   10.   Design. All driveways shall be located, designed, constructed and maintained in such a manner as not to interfere or be inconsistent with the design, maintenance and drainage of the highway and/or adjoining property owners.
   11.   Number.
      A.   Only one driveway connection per street frontage is permitted per lot with the exception of duplex dwellings whereby one driveway per unit is permitted.
      B.   For lots with road frontage in excess of 100 feet, a second driveway per street frontage is permitted as long as the driveways are at least 25 feet apart.
      C.   Accessory family dwelling units on one lot may have one driveway connection per one street frontage only.
   12.   Distance from Side Lot Lines. A driveway may be located up to the property line as long as drainage controls are provided so as to not adversely affect adjoining properties.
(Ord. 2017-05, 6/26/2017, §1)