As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Planned Unit Development" means a residential development, planned and developed as a unit, under unified control, developed according to comprehensive and detailed plans, including a program providing for the continual maintenance and operation of such improvements, facilities and services which will be for the common use of the occupants of the Planned Unit Development.
   (b)   “Common open space” means lands within the Planned Unit Development, under the common ownership of all residents in the Planned Unit Development, to be used for park, recreation or environmental amenity.  These lands shall not include public or private streets, driveways or parking areas.  Within these lands only facilities and structures for recreational purposes may be constructed, with the total impervious areas of roofs and paving constituting not more than 10% of the total open space.
   (c)   "Attached single-family dwelling" means a single-family dwelling unit attached to one or more single-family dwelling units by means of a common party wall or by a connecting wall or similar architectural feature, such as a garage or carport, and with such dwelling having its own doors which open to the outdoors.
   (d)   "Homeowners association" means an association of all owners of a project organized for the purpose of administering, managing and maintaining the common open space and common property and facilities.  This association shall be described in all covenants, deeds or other recorded legal documents which affect the title to any land within the development.