(a)   Required Improvements.
      (1)   Water supply system. When a proposed Planned Unit Development is located adjacent to or reasonably near the service area of a public water supply system, fire hydrants or other required water system appurtenances shall be constructed in such a manner as to adequately service all lots shown on the approved site plan both for domestic use and fire protection. In the event of the nonexistence or nonavailability of a public water supply system, a development water supply system, if considered economically feasible (as determined by the Planning Commission with the advice of the designated Village Engineer and approval by Council) shall be installed by the developer. If it is not feasible to install any type of public water supply system in a proposed development (in the judgment of the Planning Commission with the advice of the designated Village Engineer and the County Health Department), then the developer shall, with the approval of the Planning Commission, install individual wells in accordance with the requirements of the Barry-Eaton District Health Department.
   The sizes of watermains, the location and type of valves and hydrants, the amount of soil cover over the pipes, and other features of the installation shall be approved by the designated Village Engineer, and shall conform to the accepted standards of sound practices for municipal water supply and fire protection systems.
   All easements and water supply improvements shall be dedicated to the public and accepted by Council for administration, operation and maintenance. No proprietary rights of any type or description shall be retained by the developer or owners of the Planned Unit Development. In the event that land reserved for well sites is not used for that purpose and it is appropriate for lot development, such land shall revert to the developer for such use.
      (2)   Sanitary sewer system. Planned Unit Developments shall be served by the public sanitary sewer system and shall meet the design requirements of the Village.
      (3)   Storm drainage. Each site shall be provided with adequate storm drainage. Open drainage courses and stormwater retention ponds may be permitted if properly engineered.
      (4)   Utilities. Electrical, telephone and cable television lines shall be placed underground. Surface mounted equipment for underground wires shall be shown on the final site plan and shall be screened from view to the height necessary by evergreen vegetation, earth berm, decorative wall or fence or a combination of these elements.
      (5)   Street name signs, traffic control signals, devices and signs. Street name signs shall be installed in the appropriate locations at each intersection in accordance with the requirements of the Village. Appropriate traffic and parking control signals, devices and signs meeting the standards of the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices shall be installed as directed by the Village Street Administrator.
      (6)   Sidewalks. Sidewalks and crosswalks shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Village.
      (7)   Lighting Plan. A site lighting plan shall be submitted and approved which provides effective and efficient site illumination without negatively impacting adjacent properties.
(Ord. 2002-5. Passed 12-9-02; Ord. 2009-6. Passed 11-9-09.)
   (b)   Procedure; Submittal. One complete set of reproducible as-built engineering plans of each required public improvement shall be filed with the Village Clerk upon completion of construction.