(a)   Public Hearing and Notice. Prior to making a recommendation on the proposed Planned Unit Development the Planning Commission shall conduct a public hearing. Notice of the hearing shall be provided in a newspaper of general circulation not less than 15 days before the date of the hearing. Notice shall also be sent by mail or personal delivery to the owners of property for which the approval is being considered. Notice shall also be given to all persons to whom real property is assessed within 300 feet of the subject property regardless of whether the property or structures are located in the zoning jurisdiction. Notification need not be given to more than one occupant of a structure, except that if a structure contains more than one dwelling unit or spatial area owned or leased by different persons, one occupant of each unit or spatial area shall be given notice. If a single structure contains more than four dwelling units or other distinct spatial areas owned or leased by different persons, notice may be given to the manager or owner of the structure, who shall be requested to post the notice at the primary entrance to the structure. Notice is considered to be given when personally delivered or when deposited during normal business hours for delivery with the United States postal service or other public or private delivery service. The notice shall be given not less than 15 days before the date the request will be considered. If the name of the occupant is not known, the term “occupant” may be used for the intended recipient of the notice. The notice shall describe the nature of the request, indicate the property that is the subject of the request to include street addresses if such addresses exist, state when and where the request will be considered and indicate where written comments will be received concerning the request.
   (b)   Planning Commission Action. After a study of the application for a Planned Unit Development, and within sixty days of receipt of such application, the Planning Commission shall recommend to Council the approval, approval with modification or disapproval of the project. The Planning Commission shall prepare a report explaining its action and any modifications and conditions of approval or denial. The decisions of the Planning Commission shall be based on:
      (1)   The standards incorporated in Section 1292.03 and any other applicable standards set forth in the ordinances and regulations of the Village;
      (2)   A determination that the development is not detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the community; and
      (3)   A determination that the development will not be detrimental or injurious to the character of the neighborhood in which it is to be located and that the development is compatible with such neighborhood.
   The review period may be extended upon receipt of a written request by the applicant. Materials and information to be considered in this study and review process may include input from such agencies as the County Health Department, utilities and drain officials and other agencies required to review the Planned Unit Development.
(Ord. 2009-6. Passed 11-9-09.)