1292.01 INTENT.
   The intent of this chapter is to provide an optional method for residential land development which allows for flexibility in the application of the standards governing the types of residential structures permitted and their placement on the property. A Planned Unit Development will provide for the development of residential land as an integral unit which incorporates within a single plan the location and arrangement of all buildings, drives, parking areas, utilities, landscaping and any other improvements or changes within the site. Deviation from the specific site development standards of this Zoning Code may be allowed, so long as the general purposes for the standards are achieved and the general provisions of the zoning regulations are observed. A Planned Unit Development shall be designed to achieve compatibility with the surrounding area, and shall also be designed to encourage innovation and variety in the design, layout and type of residential development; to achieve economy and efficiency in the use of land, natural resources and energy; to provide for efficiency and economy in providing public services and utilities and to encourage the development of more useful open space.