General Provisions
   94.01   Definitions
   94.02   Territorial scope
   94.03   Defacement, destruction or removal of property
   94.04   Defacement of surface
   94.05   Depositing unauthorized waste in park
   94.06   Prohibited noxious or deleterious materials
   94.07   Starting fires
   94.08   Carrying, possession or discharge of firearms
   94.09   Camping in parks
   94.10   Sleeping in parks
   94.11   Equestrians and mounts; riding areas
   94.12   Swimming areas
   94.13   Swimming rules and regulations
   94.14   Use of bow and arrows
   94.15   Boats, motor boats and other watercraft
Disorderly Conduct
   94.30   Disturbing the peace, loudness, fighting, riotous tumult
   94.31   Concessioneering without permit
   94.32   Drinking, under influence of or possession of alcoholic beverages, dangerous drugs or controlled substances
   94.33   Unlawful entry of toilets
   94.34   Failure to comply with orders of park district ranger
   94.45   Speed limits
   94.46   Storage of vehicles in parks prohibited
   94.47   Vehicles restricted to roadways and the like
Dog Park
   94.50   General provisions
Enforcement Conditions
   94.60   Hours of closing - 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew
   94.61   Permits and reservations required
   94.62   Fee permits and rental facilities authorized
   94.99   Penalty