For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Shall be defined as defined in I.C. 7.1-1-3-5 and also amendments thereto.
   BOARD. The Decatur City Park and Recreation Board, Adams County, Indiana.
   CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. As defined in the Controlled Substance Act of the state (I.C. 35-48-1-9) as same is amended from time to time.
   DISTRICT. The Decatur Park and Recreation District, Decatur, Indiana.
   MOTOR BOAT. Any type of watercraft which has for its primary source of power an internal combustion engine or electric motor, whether inboard or outboard.
   PARK. All developments, improvements, facilities and any or all land, minerals, waters, overhead air rights, easements and other reservations owned, leased, controlled or used by the district.
   PERMIT AND RESERVATION. Any authorization issued by the Superintendent pursuant to the authority of the Board for any specified park privilege, activity or event or permitting the performance of a specified act or acts in any park.
   PERSON. An individual, company, partnership, corporation, incorporation or association; any combination of individuals; or any employee, agent or officers thereof.
   RANGER. Any state, city or county police authorities requested by the Board to assist it in providing police protection for its property and activities and for enforcement of the rules and regulations herein made and provided, and any employees of the district deputized as police officers for such purpose.
   RULES AND REGULATIONS. Any regulations adopted by the Board.
   SUPERINTENDENT. The Superintendent of the City Park and Recreation Board. He or she shall act for the Board, enforce the laws, maintain law enforcement and maintain good order within the district.
   VEHICLE. Any device, conveyance or combination of conveyances, wheeled or without wheels (but excepting motor boats), propelled, towed or unpropelled, that in, around or on which a person or thing is or may be carried and shall include, without limitation, bicycles, scooters, minibikes and snowmobiles.
(Prior Code, § 95.01) (Ord. 1976-11, passed 8-3-1976)